Missoula BarCamp 2013

Come to Missoula Barcamp and experience Montana's "unconference." Lightning keynote speakers together with user generated conference sessions, make for a unique interactive experience. Watch the following video to get a better idea of what Missoula Barcamp is and how it can inspire you!

Missoula BarCamp 2013 is a dynamic event exploring the topics of community, technology, art, and how they affect, enhance, and build on each other.  On Saturday April 13 Missoula BarCamp will start with a handful of lightning keynotes followed by an Open Space event where the participants dynamically create the content based on their knowledge, interests, and interactions with each other.  Come learn with us and join the fun!


Missoula BarCamp has become MACH Missoula

In order to grow our event and to encourage the benefits of from the Agile software development movement for social change and technical effectiveness, we are rebranding Missoula BarCamp to be Montana Agile Culture House - MACH. The first event, MACH One, will be April 11 and 12, 2014. Please visit our new site at machmissoula.org.

Registration Open For 6th Annual Missoula BarCamp

6th Annual Missoula BarCamp
 Saturday April 13, 2013


Event Name:  Missoula BarCamp 2013
Event Time:  Saturday April 13, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Sixth Annual Missoula BarCamp 2013 on April 13. Sponsors needed!

Missoula BarCampMissoula BarCamp is April 13 at the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana. The sixth annual event will feature keynote speakers like VP of Marketing at the University of Montana and Founder of IdeaMensch, Mario Schulzke.

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